Employee legal issues seldom wait.

When HR issues arise, they’re rarely easy. Sometimes they can be downright messy. And since they involve people, they can be highly sensitive. If you are a corporate executive or HR manager with a full workload, or if you are an attorney with a busy practice, where do you turn when you need more resources to deal with HR issues?

If you are a labor and employment attorney, you may need to bolster your own staff by contracting with a specialist who speaks your language. Or, if you are a corporate executive, HR leader or non-profit director with limited in-house legal and HR resources, you may not be sure where to start.

Brodin HR Law can help you deal with HR legal issues effectively and efficiently. Jeff Brodin offers a unique combination of more than 25 years of legal training and practical, hands-on business experience in the field of labor and employment law and HR compliance.

You need knowledge to make tough decisions.

As an ally skilled in labor and employment law, Brodin HR Law can help you sort through the issues, understand current legal guidelines and HR laws, and know what your options are.

Wise use of resources can help manage risk

and control costs.

Time is almost always of the essence in complying with the constantly changing web of HR laws, rules and regulations. And HR issues can arise suddenly, with little time and limited resources available to evaluate the facts, conduct thorough investigations, assess risks, or determine effective solutions, including training. Brodin HR Law can help you assess risk, put your resources where they count most and control costs through creative flat fee arrangements.

Confidentiality is often essential.

Perhaps you want to craft an employment agreement or plan for a sensitive termination of an employee. Or maybe you want to assess the risks of taking certain actions. A skilled, objective third party like Jeff Brodin can help you if:

  • You need to conduct an objective investigation that involves sensitive issues
  • An issue involves a high-level staff member, executive or colleague
  • You’re just not sure where to start and hesitate to discuss the matter internally until you have some guidance.

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to explore practical solutions tailored to your situation.

Brodin HR Law is a labor and employment law firm founded by attorney Jeff Brodin to provide HR law support to businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals. The firm provides strategic support for employers and individuals in handling critical workplace investigations, counseling on employee issues, HR compliance reviews, training and executive employment and separation agreements.

  • Did you know?

    -- 89,385 charges were filed with the EEOC in FY 2015, which ended September 30 -- 607 more than the number filed in 2014. The EEOC resolved 92,641 charges in 2015.

    -- $356.6 million was paid by employers in FY 2015 to resolve charges before a lawsuit was filed, up $60.5 million from the amount paid in 2014.

    -- Employers paid $65.3 million through litigation, up almost 300% from 2014.

    -- 1,412 charges were filed alleging discrimination based upon sexual orientation, a 40% increase from 2014. 271 of those charges were based upon gender identity and 1,181 were based upon sexual orientation. A total of $3.3 million was paid by employers to resolve charges based upon gender identity and sexual orientation discrimination.

    --The EEOC increased its enforcement capacity in FY 2015 by adding 100 investigators to its staff.

    What's on your HR compliance To Do list to ensure your company isn't a part of these statistics for 2016? Brodin HR Law can help.